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Кусок из доки по Маку, курсив мой.

Drawing With Colors

  • While it's normally spoken of as an Object Oriented approach, Cocoa is occasionally a little bit Magic Oriented (Mystery Oriented?). You would think that if you're drawing in an NSView (or a subclass of NSView) that the color would be set via an NSView method (or maybe a method of the line or shape you're drawing). Instead, you send a set message to an NSColor object which, typically, isn't created or referenced until right before drawing in the view. It's common to find lines of code like [[NSColor redColor] set]; in a method that draws in a view. Such lines automagically tell the view which color to use in subsequent drawing instructions.

Найдено коллегой тут.

p.s. завёл новый юзерпик по этому поводу :-)
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